Photography Focus

Liam from Artefact Studios

Fewer people were busier this summer than music photographer Liam from Artefact Studios. Over the summer Liam travelled around the UK, press pass in one hand and his camera in the other, to document some of the biggest festivals in the country. The biggest festival was of course Glastonbury, the pinnacle of festivals in the UK and the world. We spoke with Liam about this line of photography and how you could also start to gain access to events. 


First of all, let’s talk equipment. What are you using for both photography and film?

Camera wise I use a Sony A7S MK2, I use it partnered with a number of lenses but my favourite has to be a vintage Olympus 50mm. I use old lenses a lot, theres something about them that adds character.


What festivals have you covered this summer and what have been the main highlights?

So far I’ve worked at Love Saves The Day, Glastonbury Festival, Nass Festival, Boomtown this year. I have one more before the end of summer, Yonder Festival. The highlight for me has to be Glastonbury, the biggest and best in my opinion. Boomtown was a great few days also and Ive captured some amazing content over the past few months!

Love Saves The Day

What are the main challenges you face when working on live performances?

Firstly I think its never a fixed scenario, you have to be ready for anything when “running and gunning”… It never hurts to carry several lenses to cover all situations, wide, portrait and zoom. Because I usually shoot photos and video on the same job and camera. Setting up your camera to work the best for you is vital also, it never hurts to have an energy drink to hand for those 12 hour days too!


For anyone starting out in live music photography what tips would you suggest to them to get bigger shows?

I think word of mouth is the most useful tool, keep talking to everyone and anyone. Ive got most of my jobs this summer from people recommending me to others looking for photographers and videographers. Other than that definitely find your own style, its no good taking shots that look like your favourite professional.

Yonder Festival

What’s the dream festival you would love to cover in the future?

So far I think I’ve covered my first dream festival, Glastonbury. I think next It would be pretty amazing to cover Burning Man Festival in the USA, the production value looks insane!