Bradley Hutchings

Vietnam Vol. 1


I suppose I have to answer two questions. Why did I choose Vietnam as a place to travel and why did I decide to bring a film camera.

Photography has been in my family for four generations; my great-grandfather served in China teaching photo-reconnaissance with the royal flying corp. My Grandfather was a graphic designer and printer. My father, began in photo-journalism during the late 60's while the Vietnam war was starting to escalate to a global crisis. I'd heard so many polarising stories about that period, the summer of love starkly contrasted with the brutal imagery of the war.

Myself as a teenager was lucky enough go to a school with a fantastic photography lab. I became fascinated by the work of Don McCullen this tied in with discovering directors such as Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick and Michael Cimino. So with my grounding in film photography, I decided I would go to Vietnam. I wanted to stick to the tried and tested method of the war photographers of the late 60's. I took with me a Canon A1, 35mm lens, and ten rolls of Kodak portrait-160 ISA and a couple Tri-X 400 for old times sake.

Abandoned Waterpark

This is volume one of Bradley's trip in Vietnam. He spent a month there and had far too many great images to choose for one article. Instead the trip will be split up in to instalments, the first of which features the famous abandoned waterpark, Ho Thuy Tien.  

Photographer: @bradley_hutchings