Electric Candy Sand

Interview: @keemjongillest

Photography: @dancetek

Our latest in the cyberpunk series delves in to a different art form, this time within music. Electric Candy Sand has just released a new EP entitled 'Wasteland' which comes with the genre tag of 'post-apocolyptic', and rightly so. The EP twists and turns with industrial sounds with no restraint on experimentation as the tracks evolve in to an entirely different beast. There's a certain ambience calmness to some of the tracks, albeit a calm before the storm, as the EP goes full throttle with heavy bass and apocolyptic-like storm percussion. Tokyo team-head Keem interviewed the producer about his latest work.




Tell us something about yourself?
Originally from New Zealand, I have been living in Japan for the past 4 years. I am one of the founders of Tokyo-based artist collective and event production group, ‘dosing’ and I organize, promote and DJ at parties throughout Japan. My goal is to help build a network for underground electronic artists from Japan with similar artists throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

What inspired you to make music / DJ?
I started playing guitar and making music when I was 14. I was first inspired after watching my cousin and my friends at school show off their ’shredding’ ability, I decided to try learn guitar too and from there I became obsessed with listening to music and creating music of my own. Later down the line while I was working at a bar in my hometown in Auckland, I learnt to DJ and became a resident at some club events. DJing quickly became a tool for me to share the new exciting sounds that I discovered before processing them as inspiration for my own art.


Who are your musical influences?
My musical influences are pretty broad and constantly changing as I discover new things. I also take inspiration from other forms of art, such as video games, books, movies as well as occurrences within my life. If I had to name a few of my all time heroes they’d probably be Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead and Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta.

Tell us about your new EP, Wasteland
With this EP I really wanted to showcase how far I had come with refining my sound and song writing over the past year. I wanted it to tell a narrative through the music and give the songs a ’time’ and ‘place’ where they belong together. The EP’s main theme is ‘dystopia’ so as you can guess, it’s very dark and disorientating. It’s full of tricks and surprises. We don’t know what the future holds for us and this EP seeks to highlight that anxiety and confusion.


What is your favorite track in the EP and why?
I think the title track ‘Wasteland’ is probably my favorite. I feel like it tells the story I wanted to portray with this EP the most and I think it’s a song that is really unique to me. I hope people can listen to it and at the end of the song say, “Wow I didn’t see that coming.”

Any future projects and collaborations you want to tap into?
From next year I’m planning to take the sound I’ve started developing with this EP and recreate it with a band and perform it completely live. I made ‘Night Howl’ with this intention specifically and throughout the winter I am planning to make more music in this style. I will be picking up my guitar again and teaming up with a drummer and some others to put it all together. I’m pretty excited to see what comes out of it!