Hazed & Confucius

Photos & Words: @steveroe_

Seoul based DJ and production trio Hazed & Confucius are fresh off their first compilation release and well on their way to their next one. 
House music in Seoul is one of the main fuels that keeps the thriving underground scene running, and more and more big names are adding clubs like Cakeshop and Faust to their Asian tour dates. But locally, Seoul is producing some fine talent. 
The trio of Hazed & Confucius is just one of the incredible groups among many and consists of DJ Bowlcut, Anchore & Purvitae all with their own unique blend of lo-fi house. The summer is definitely set to be a big one for them with the next EP set for release around then and of course all of the club nights to follow. Check out their compilation and works below.

DJ Bowlcut

Coming up, DJ Bowlcut has his first Boiler Room appearance fresh off the back of his debut Rinse FM mix. Bowlcut is certainly starting to get the attention of the heavy hitters with his DJing and the attention will soon fall upon his own productions.

This weekend Purvitae teams up with Anchore as they go head to head against Leisure Sport Records from LA. This is Purvitae's latest track from the compilation.


Anchore has a strong DJing background and now with the guidance of his peers will be steered into the right direction with his music production. Expect to see his name on the forthcoming compilation release.