Photographer Focus

Helin Bereket


Cool, clean and well thought-out compositions adorn the Instagram profile of Helin Bereket. Her compositions capture intricate geometric shapes that have a vivid palette of colour, often at times striking pastel colours. We spoke to her about her style and what she looks for when setting up a shot.

First of all, let’s talk equipment, what do you use to shoot with?

At the moment I use Canon Powershot G3 X and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 

How do you train yourself to see such amazing patterns or lines of symmetry that you display within your work, or is it something that comes naturally?

I think first you should find out what interests you the most. Shapes, colors and geometries have always interested me. The first step is seeing them, and the second step is learning how to capture them. The more you shoot, the more you learn.

How important is consistency within your profile? Do you ever feel like exploring a different style, what kind of impact do you think that would have on your following?

I think Instagram is a bit like the music business. If you have a rock band and suddenly make a pop album, you lose some of your fans. It also applies to Instagram. Of course I want to explore new styles and actually I do, I just don’t post them on my Instagram. I think the best way would be having different accounts for different styles.

Could you talk us through 3 of your favourite shots and the process behind them?

This photo is called “when Berlin feels like Mumbai.” It was taken on a hot summer day at Tempelhofer Feld which I visit almost every weekend during the summer months. I like the photo since these kind of moments are quite hard to find, especially in a city. 

This photo is one from my series called “Lonely Island”. I like it because I think it really conveys the feeling that I want to create with the series: The winter melancholy of a summer hotspot.

This photo is called "Pantone Red". I like it because of my obsession with clear compositions, colors and geometric shapes. It satisfies all of them at the same time.


Who are your favourite artists that are influencing your style?

Of course, there are many artists and photographers whose work I admire and enjoy. But to be honest, there is no artist that influences my style. I try to follow my own path. 

Any advice for photographers just starting out?

Like I said above; the more you shoot, the more you learn. Get a camera or a smartphone with a good camera and start exploring!

Check out Helin's work here