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HQ Familia

This summer, I spent time with Leicester’s leading front of urban music at HQ studio. HQ Familia, the label born out of the studio has recently released an EP showcasing local talent with bass heavy grime tracks. Yasin the HQ founder has built the studio from the ground up, starting in 2011, he has helped with local youth projects centred around music and the arts as well as sourcing local talent, giving them a platform and a community to be a part of. 

I visited the studio this summer and spent some time there to check them out. There’s a certain buzz in the studio similar to that I have felt from spending time with Seoul Community Radio, and it’s that feeling of a close-knit team; keen to graft hard for one another to help realise the full potential of their projects.

The first release is of extremely high quality, and has set a high level for following releases, but with the talent it has on board it could easily keep improving. In particular Waste My Time by SunSun and Harri Georgio gives off classic summer vibes and comes with strong visuals for the music video.


Photos by @steveroe_

You can check out the video below and the following links for the EP which can be found on iTunes and Spotify

HQ Recording Social Links: