hurryK, a lo-fi producer based in Florida, has seen a series of great releases recently. Particularly an upload to the increasingly popular Bootleg Boy channel on YouTube where he was involved in the Adventure Time themed mix, which at the time of writing is closing in on 100,000 views in just a week. His music is beautifully crafted with the most incredible samples embodying the lo-fi sound. We spoke to him about his uploaded to new lo-fi channel Lo-Fi Electro.

First of all let's talk equipment, what did you use to produce this tune?

Well, for this track I wanted to do something a little different than my usual process. Usually, I'll go crate digging and find some smooth samples, but this time, I was looking for something different. This track was done all internally on my PC. No hardware was really used, besides  my Mini Korg 25 (MIDI keyboard) to write the melodies. Other than that, I used Xfer's Serum for all the sound design on the track. As well as my signature drum kit! Which may or may not be coming out soon! 

The track nods towards that of lo-fi hip hop, a sound which you are known for. What inspiration did you draw from for this track to lead you away from using samples?

Honestly, I felt as if I was getting into a bad habit. All of my beats have been sample-based for a while now. Even though I love to recycle old records, I felt that it was a time for a change of pace. I really tried to express myself on this track. I come from an EDM background; production-wise that is. So I was really trying to get back to my roots here!

What are some other works that you've done recently that people should check out?

My most recent project was my "SIMPLICIT" beat tape! Basically it's just a melting pot of all the styles of beats that I enjoy making. I like to try to bring a heavy hip-hop influenced sound into my lo-fi beats, so it's something fresh for the average listeners ears! Definitely check it out if you have the time!

What's in store for the future?

Oh man, wouldn't want to ruin any secrets would I now? I mean, all I will say is that I have a handful of rappers I'm working with. With about 25 different beats in total and three different projects in the works. Definitely keep your eye out for those! Oh, and that drum kit, that should be out as well, just designing a couple more snares and it should be all done! 


You can listen to hurryK's music here.