Photographer Focus

Jack Sargent


Landscape photographer Jack Sargent has been gaining more and more attention in recent times. With a fully stamped-out passport, his travels are documented with incredible landscape photography of some of the most exclusive places on earth. Places of which include Mt. Everest and remote parts of Iceland. We spoke to Jack about some of his incredible adventures and his photography. 

First of all, let’s talk equipment, what do you use to shoot with? 

I started my journey with Canon, and I'm still shooting with them. I'm currently on a 6D MKii, using the canon 17-40F4, 70-200F4 and the Samyang 14mm 2.8, all for my landscapes. For weddings I also have an 85mm and a 50mm 1.8 in my armoury. As I'm answering these questions I'm sat in the airport with a Sigma 150-600 also! But I'm just borrowing this beast from a friend. 


How did you start out doing landscape photography?

I actually began in my last year of university, it was the whole cliche of wanting to travel once I graduated and do something exciting. I bought myself a camera and began practising in readiness for when my time came. However, having practised and practised and getting pretty handy with camera, everything else disappeared. My love for playing music had gone and my will to work was well on its way out (no money no travel). I turned things around and made it work for me, I'm self employed, I get to travel pretty much when I want, and still have a good job to come back to when I'm back home in construction! 


You’ve been on many trips and travelled a lot, what are some of the stand out photographs that have captured your adventures perfectly? 

This is going to be the hardest question I think I will ever face haha! Ok, 3 images, that stand out to ME and what I feel has captured a trip perfectly. Here it goes; 

Mt. Everest

After long days hiking at silly altitudes, all you really want to do is stop everything at night and rest, but this night was a hard night to do that, knowing I could get that last light of sunset glowing upon this famous mountain range. I waited it out in way below freezing temperatures. 


Vestrahorn Mountain Range, Iceland

Three damn trips to Iceland, and my third trip was when I finally smashed this shot. There are two things I dream about - this photograph and getting a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (stay tuned with me, in February I have one hell of a trip planned!) We actually left here as we had given up, it didn't feel like it was gonna happen, we went to another spot to shoot and just like that, they happened. Back in the car we got, bombed it back here and finally, got the shot. 



Durdle Door, Dorset

This shot is one from the UK, me and my buddy Alyn Wallace had decided to head down here for the Persied Meteor Shower. What a night! I believe it was one of the only clear spots in the UK that night. The show below is actually of moonset. It created this beautiful light bursting through the sea stack. It made a great opportunity for some silhouette shots.


Recently you have begun to explore drone photography, talk us through your new film and how the drone is helping you develop your skills.

Well I actually had a drone last year, the DJI Phantom 4k. Due to its size I just never took it with me on my travels, and seemed more of a burden than anything else. So I sold it. A year later I came across this tiny little thing, I mean, really tiny! Palm of your hand tiny! Fit in your pocket tiny! DJI Spark! And man, what a drone this is! So yeah, it does a decent job for its price. It doesn't shoot in RAW (yet, hopefully a firmware update can fix that) nor does it shoot 4k (doesn't even bother me). 

My recent short film based on where I live was filmed and produced in 2 weeks, I really smashed it out to get it completed before other projects approached me quicker than expected. I was actually going to do an Iceland video, but with the snow storms I never got that much footage. Guess I'll just have to go back! 

The drone is really opening up new boundaries for me, allowing me to shoot different angles and point of views, which I think is really exciting!


How important is consistency with your profile? Do you ever have an interest to try other forms of photography and what impact do you think this would have on your following?

I think consistency is pretty important, I have gathered a following who like to see where I go, what I do, and how I do it, which is landscape photography. But on the other hand, a lot of my followers I try to engage with, and let them into my life of photography with personal stories. This is important, as I believe no matter what I put up, people will be interested as it involves me.


Followers of fans? What are more important to you, larger follower numbers or more engaging fans?

Fans, of course. I think it's pretty obvious when you click on a page, they have 10k followers but get only 100-200 likes, that's bad engagement and it's engagement you really want through Instagram! (And Facebook for that matter).


Next trip planned?

On a plane? The states, I have been 4 or 5 times now I think and this trip I'm really stoked for, it's been a long time in the making! 

No plane? Isle of Skye, I've seen a lot of bangers produced there, it's time I should go up and see what the fuss is about.