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Interview by Steve Roe

I met with CJ of Magique in Leicester, U.K. outside of local music venue The Cookie. Down inside the basement below where bands perform we used stage lighting for a photoshoot, during which I had a chat about Magique and where it's headed for the future.

Who is Magique? How did the band start?

Magique is a recording project born out of a love of a huge spectrum of music and influences. It started as other things fell apart and came to life in bedrooms and backrooms over a long year. 

Magique has a wonderful blend of dreamlike and lofi sounds, how did you come to create that sound, what kind of inspiration do you draw from?

I've always had a love of electronics and subtle parts of big pop songs that give things such character so it was an interest in how those songs are written and why they work that lead to writing Magique tracks. 

What's been going on this summer with shows and what's to come?

This summer has been busy with Citadel, Handmade Festival and a few London shows to help us work some new bits and pieces out, along with mixing the new singles. So expect more new music and a big live show from September onwards.

Do you have any particular artists you'd hope to work with in the future?

I love the idea of collaboration, the list is endless! I'd love to work with Mark Hollis of talk talk at some point, Justin Vernon, Chaz Wick maybe Lana del Rey too for fun. Collaborations are great fun and get you out of your bubble and sphere of influence so I'm always keen to work alongside people to create.  

Is there anything coming out soon that people should keep an eye out for?

New single out September/October!

You can listen to Magique here and definitely be sure to check out their Instagram too. 

Photos by @steveroe_