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Interview: @steveroe_

Photographer: @less_photo

Moon Yi Rang, formerly Graye, is a Korean electronic producer from Seoul who recently released an eclectic new single with Hoody titled Aphasia, a track filled with summer vibes and punchy chords perfectly married with Hoody's smooth vocals and captivating hook to top it all off. Moon is an up-coming talent that is sure to be widely recognised in the near future. We sat down with him to discuss his recent project and the recent changes.

First, let’s talk equipment, what do you use to produce with?

I originally used hardware instruments and controllers. I used quite a few variations of equipment including Nord Lead 2, two Nord Lead 2x's (musical keyboard type and rack type), and instruments like Dave Smith's Mopho or Microkorg. When doing a live show, I mostly went with an APC40, MPC1000, and MPD3. But now I only have Ableton Push and Maschine since I sold all of my instruments to change the set up.  

Your alias was Graye prior to this, how come you’ve changed back to your name?

I guess it’s because many things have changed since then. Where I live, my style of music, and label…. I didn’t really put much meaning with the names, but I just thought using my real name is easier in a way and I do like my name.  

Your recent release with Hoody is great, talk us through the production and the collaboration.

Since it’s my first single, I wanted to work with people who I have admired. I involved as many of them as possible starting by getting Hoody to do the feature. Kyngsun Park did mixing and mastering, Laughton Kim did the cover and overall art work. Gibbs on the logo design, Ms. Hyejin Oh for the graphic designs, photographer Less, hair and make-up artist Minji Kim, and stylist Jin Lim. The whole process of preparing this single was a true succession of collaboration with all of them not only the track itself. For those who are reading this interview that did not have chance to listen to my new single, I’d really appreciate if you could pay attention to the entire production of the single. 






What is the new concept of your SCR show?

I have outlines of the concept but I need more time to plan it in detail. The former program that I did was very personal and formal but this new program will be supporting artists in many different genres and not having to worry about limits of geographical locations.  

What projects are forthcoming in the future?  

Well, I’m working towards the goal of releasing an album. But I will be releasing my second single before the official album release. More information will be posted through my Instagram account @moon_yirang. Keep your eyes out for new posts!







What impact has UK bass music had on your style of production?

Till this day, UK’s Warp Records, Hyperdub, and Hessle Audio are my favorite labels. British musicians have been the greatest inspiration and encouragement for me ever since I was little. I’ve been listening to electronical music such as Ambient or IDM but somewhere along the way, I realized my musical taste is rooted down in Garage music. I believe the influence would slowly show in my music. 

What recent movements in Seoul are really pushing the underground scene and which ones have you been a part of recently?

There are many various music scenes in Seoul but I personally think clubs like CCP(Cakeshop, Contra, Pistil), Mystik, Faust, The Henz Cluband, streaming platforms such as Seoul Community Radio and MixMixall attribute to the flourish of underground music scene here. I was lucky enough to have a chance to play tracks in those places and it has been a great honor. Since we are on the subject, I would like to cheer all the people who are contributing to underground culture and celebrate the 5th anniversary of Cakeshop. Big shout out to SCR as well for being awarded the Mixcloud Awards for Best Online Radio category. 



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Photographer : less

Stylist : Lim Jin

Hair, Make up Artist : Kim Min Ji


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