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Cyberpunk Series: Seoul


Next up in the cyberpunk series is Noealzii who takes full advantage of Seoul's vibrant neon-basked streets. Noealzzi however, takes turns towards the more quieter areas rather than the dizzying heights of Gangnam and populous streets, finding his best work shining through in the quiet alleys and backstreets of the city. Some of his shots capture the true essence of high-tech low-life as you can see in the interview below.

First of all, let's talk about equipment, what do you use to shoot with?

There are a few. The iPhone 7 plus,  Fuji x100,  Canon 5d Mark III, and the Pentax K1000. Sometimes if I don't have a camera and I see a photo, I borrow my friend's phone and have them send me the file later.

Where are your favorite places to shoot in Seoul?

You can usually find me shooting around Euljiro or Dongdaemun. My favorite places are usually the less developed areas with few people, not crowded polished ones like Gangnam or Myeongdong. 

What are your favorite 3 photos that you've taken?

One of my favorite photos was taken after a rainy night of shooting. I was putting away my camera when a coupled walked by, so I took a snap with my phone.  The next one was as I was walking home. I decided to take a different path and came across a woman walking down the alleyway, so I took a photo. Another favorite of mine was a shot of a girl walking through Euljiro. Euljiro is a pretty dark place and there are often little to no people there, so I got pretty lucky.

When did you start to get into the cyberpunk genre and what made you start?

Well, night photography has always been something I enjoyed but always felt like...I could do more with it. I didn't know what it was until I came across the photos of Masashi Wakui and Liam Wong. From that moment on, it was like falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. First cyberpunk, then neon noir, synthwave, vaporwave...retrowave etc. All this time, there was this sub-culture that I never knew existed, it gave me focus and refined what I look for when I take a photo at night.

Which city would you like to shoot in next?

Hong Kong seems like the Mecca for this type of photography. All the best pictures I have seen come from either Hong Kong or Japan. Hopefully I can network enough to meet up with like-minded people when I visit.

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