Photographer Focus



For our next photographer focus, we take a look at the work of Nona, whose photos of the backstreet of Tokyo are flavoured with cyberpunk themes and deeper stories. Whether it's a sunset over Tokyo or its streets basked in the rain-soaked neon glow, Nona is a photographer worth paying attention to. 


First of all, let’s talk equipment, what do you use?

CANON 80D, sometimes iPhone 6


I want to talk about this picture, how did you achieve it?

I posed a model in the phone box, and adjusted the focus of the camera to the streets of the city, then I was able to take a fantastic photo with the effect of the depth of field.


Tokyo is on the most popular cities in the world which means it’s also one of the most photographed, how do you keep your photos fresh and unlike the rest?

It is certainly different from the feeling and passion of shooting to developing and editing on the PC. One of the most important things is that I don't take too many shots of popular places and objects many people like; I don't like places like that. The important thing for me is whether my mind is moved rather than whether it is a famous place or not.



Is there another major city which you would love to shoot in, but one which you feel you could uniquely capture?

Taiwan or Hong Kong because there are many old signs and both are very attractive. But they are popular places for photographers so I feel hesitant. I have the nature to look at things from a historical objective so I will shoot it as such in any country I go.


Which do you prefer, a stunning sunset or a rainy night with Tokyo’s vibrant lights?

I like both, but my feeling right now is for Tokyo's rainy nights. But if there is emotion or human drama there then either is best. It's wonderful when people's silhouettes emerge especially in the sunset and city lights.


Do you look for a story when capturing certain images? When looking through your images I am drawn in to ones in particular where the composition seems so carefully arranged and I see the story within that frame, such as this one:  

Thank you. Yes, That's right. However, there are cases where there are no people at all, so such pictures are somewhat unsatisfactory. The story is always in the picture by someone taking the picture; even if it's a small story.


Lastly, any advice for those who wish to start street photography?

As anyone says, imitating a wonderful piece. But since the imitation of a person's work gradually gets boring, I think that it is most important to shoot something that is created from your own creativity.