Photographer Focus



NOxSIGHT (@NOxSIGHT) delivers a strong mood through his monochrome themed Instagram account combing both portraiture and urban photography. His style of carefully planned triptychs within strong black frames is instantly eye-catching. NOxSIGHT tells us of his influences into his dark style.

First of all, let's talk equipment, what do you use to shoot with?

Predominately I shoot with a Canon 600d but on occasions I mix it up shooting with 35mm film cameras from market stalls or an iPhone 6.

A lot of your photos have a really great moody urban look, where have been some of your most favourite and unique locations that you've shot in?

I would say right now Sheffield’s semi demolished Grosvenor Hotel, shooting tens of storeys high on a floor without a wall that had caved in and fell through onto the ground floor; the ground which shook with every step. It was one of the most down to earth photographic experiences.

What inspired the moody look that you are achieving?

I would say the moody look has been inspired by the artist Edward Hopper who creates the rawest form of people in the mediums of watercoloring and printmaking in etching. His work naturally strikes with an emotive language that speaks for itself.

Which photographers do you look towards for inspiration? Are there any photographers doing anything that you'd quite like to experiment with?

My inspirations vary from photographic artists such as Hirisigomoto for his approach to minimalism, to other forms of artists such as Miru Kim for the reason of how she engulfs herself into her work and adapts in the most creative and conceptual ways that I have seen.