Photographer Focus

Oh Se Ae




With a unique style, Oh Se Ae's portrait photography will at times look like a dream or a painting as her creativity is executed perfectly on to impeccable compositions. We will soon be going on a shoot with Oh Se Ae, so before that, we spoke with her as we take a look through her portfolio. 

First of all, let’s talk equipment, what do you use to shoot with?

I usually work with Sony a7ii for my shooting. But for the every day snap photos, I take them with Yashica T4 which is a film camera. 

Talk us through the concept of your three favourite shots:

Where there is a light, there is a darkness. All of us seem to have a shining and beautiful look on the outside, but I wanted to capture the dark and hollow space that resides in the deepest mind of human. 

How do you produce this style of photo:

I’m currently experimenting with the style of work so it’s a bit early too share the method. I’d like to keep it mysterious for now. 

But to roughly explain, it has to do with editing process after taking several shots of photos. I made a dedicated account for this style at @beauti4eyes and trying to upload regularly. 

How do you set up your portraiture shots, do you instruct the models or do you let them do their own thing?

I’ve only started photo shooting recently. To me, a picture is another tool that I use for visual/graphic work that I have been doing and also the extension of those works. So I prefer to create the desired image by editing the photos after I have taken them. 

When working with models, it is not just the work of mine but also the work of both me and the models. I try to have enough conversation before I go in to shooting to let them know what kind of feeling I want to draw out from them, and to seek for a balance between the image I want to project and the kind of charm the model has. 

If you could do portraiture with anyone living who would it be?

Bjork. I believe they are a very attractive artist who can make varying ambience. 

And if you could do portraiture with anyone from history, who would it be?

I’d love to take pictures of women that are remembered in history. I can’t possibly imagine how they would actually look but they all exhume great charm in my imagination.