Top 10 of 2017

Steve Roe


10 months ago I purchased my first DSLR camera to capture some memories on a planned trip around Asia with my friend Tom. The whole trip took two months and in that time I was out with my camera every day shooting new locations and faces and learning a lot about photography in a very short space of time. My travel photos started to gain a bit of attention which was not expected and even the BBC featured one of my photos over on their Instagram. It's around that time I started to consider taking photography a little more seriously. When I returned home to England with hardly any plans in place, my friend Liam of Artefact Studios asked me if I was free for a week in June. After telling him I had no plans, he asked if I was interested in helping him with film & photography at Glastonbury Festival. Of course I jumped at the chance though felt a little nervous with my lack of experience, but again it was another environment where I was learning a lot and quickly. Standing on stage with some of my favourite artists of all time and shooting them was an unforgettable experience so a big shout out to Liam. 
After returning home and considering teaching abroad again is when I came with the idea to build this website. I was finding it hard to get work noticed and published on to websites. So, I thought I'd cut out all the emailing, waiting for replies and deals falling through by just developing my own, and that's when Phrames Collective was born. Phrames first started in August of this year and I would like to especially thank Keem De Peralta, Michael Kwatia, Thandeka Tlou, and Ryan Lee for your support, content and advice. Also to Heo Min for always coming through with the endless translations I need doing, we couldn't have done half of our articles without you! Finally to new member Mitchell Underwood, who's going to be a big asset in the future. 
Since returning to Korea, I have continued with my photography and continued helping out at events with Seoul Community Radio, so a shout-out to Rich and the team who are really creating a legacy for underground music in Seoul and for putting Korea on the map with underground culture. Also to Edward Povey of Jeju Digital & Cyberpunk Seoul who has been mentoring my new style of photography in Cyberpunk/Neo Noir, a big thanks to you too. 
It's been a great year and there is a lot to look forward to in 2018 with some big plans for Phrames already in motion. I've rambled for far too long so here are my Top 10 shots of 2017.

Photographer: @SteveRoe_