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Interview by: @steveroe_

Photographer: @sujinphoto

Korean hip-hop artist UNUSUAL sits down to chat with us about his latest album and single. His new single 'UNSINKABLE on my cockpit' comes with strong visuals and a neck-breaking beat - another great track to add to his arsenal of A-Class releases so far.

Favorite Korean Rapper?

I actually choose myself as my favorite Korean rapper.

Favorite international rapper?

I listen to the albums of Earl Sweatshirt, Vince staples and Pyramid Vritra almost every day. Recently, I’m into the Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe album of The Cool Kids. 

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Favourite Korean Beatmaker?

UNSINKABLE is a genius.

Favourite international Beatmaker?

I love Jeremiah Jae and Jonwayne who work as both rapper and beat maker. I did a track with Jae for my album and I can’t tell how much it means to have his name on my album credit list. I would love to work with Jonwayne as well.

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Do you think South Korea is developing its own style of hip-hop?

Yes, Show Me The Money is the perfect example for it. Aside from the show being good or bad, it has brought up hip-hop as one of the mainstream genres in Korea and now hip-hop will continue to stay that way. I think it’s an amazing show.

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The visuals for the UNSINKABLE video are great, what was your direction and inspiration for this video?

The overall story of the video is about this one subject who has been trapped in some space but figures its way out to a bigger and broader world with a certain realization. The trapped space could be a mere room and the realization can be that you are starving. The bigger place could be just a kitchen. The spaces and realization, they can all mean something different to the people who watched the video. The inspiration of this video was the Japanese animation Evangelion. I told my friend who helped me with making the video to watch the animation so that he would have a better understanding of what I wanted for the video and he did it. Me and UNSINKABLE did the same when we were working with my tracks.

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What kind of topics does your new album cover?

The main topic is order in disorder. As you can tell by listening to my album, all the lyrics are chaotic.

But I came to think that if all the disorders were put together and be organized, that could give some sense of order among them. This album was born in that flow of thinking and the cover of the album was shoot in that concept.  

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What’s Gwangju’s music scene like? Is it difficult to be outside of the major cities?

Gwangju also has many crews and labels. There are many events as well. I think it’s on a good stage where events and movements are constantly happening whether they are known to people or not.

But the difficulty of living in Gwangju is that it’s too far away from Seoul. I have to make such long trips back and forth. Most of the events and parties that I’m interested in are happening in Seoul and people I would like to meet are also based in Seoul. Living in Gwangju has its perks though. I get a calm and relaxed state of mind when I’m here as it’s my hometown. 

What’s forthcoming in the future?

At the moment, I’m preparing for the tour going around Seoul-Busan-Gwangju in a celebration of my album release. Long term goal would be preparing my next album? 



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