Photographer Focus

Ye Jin Jung


Ye Jin Jung was the photographer behind the incredible lookbook of fashion label Sundae School for their 2nd release called, 'Chapter 2: When Tigers Used To Smoke'. Ye Jin's style is intimate, provocative and truly unique and creative. Her works are much more beyond standard portraiture, so we wanted to learn more about her style and art.

Q. First of all, let's talk equipment, what do you use to shoot with?

A. I use a Canon 50D. I absolutely had no temptation to have a better camera when I was using the Canon 350D before, but one of my closest friends felt bad for me and got me the 50D so from then I’ve been using it.

Q. Which artist inspires your work?

A. I don’t really have any specific artists that I love. I mostly go with the feelings of the moment. I write down thoughts and ideas that come out of the blue in random moments and develop them by adding more ideas to the original idea. So I think I inspire myself or people around me inspire me or nature inspires me as well.

Q. Are there any current cultural situations that influence your work?

A. I majored in fashion design (I left school before graduation) and I have been drawing things ever since I was little.  I guess that naturally led me into the field of art. At first, I drew to cure myself, to express myself. Now the way I do it is simply changed in to photo shooting. 

Q. Talk us through your 5 favourite shots and the stories or meaning behind them:

–Orange toned woman

I was very drunk on the night I took the photo. I saw her coming out of a bathroom and just felt it was beautiful and I had to capture the moment.  

-A woman covered in wig (see above)

I didn’t want to do a cliché photo shoot of cliché clothes. I wanted to show something different and I was going through ideas with my friend. While talking, the idea of wearing a ‘wig’ hit me, and we did it.



-Kissing lips

This is the picture of my favorite couple. Sometimes when I feel down, or going through a slump, I work with this couple. I don’t know, but somehow they make me to look back on myself and get out of the emotional pit I’m in.  

-Blonde lady, nude, fireworks

I went to Bukahyun-dong reconstruction site one day for fun. There, I saw her and took her photo. I saw a ghost on that day.

-The feet

I invited friends with feet size 240mm, 245mm, and 250mm and took the photo

Q. How do you arrange the setting for your shoots?

I don’t plan how I should shoot. I should say my photo shooting is very improvisational and decided on impulse. Unless it’s a commercial photoshoot, I mostly take pictures in my house (where I do most of my work) and capture instant ideas I get while hanging out with my friends. So make up, hair and clothes styling, are all done by me. But time to time, I do plan and prepare for a shoot based on the memos I mentioned earlier.